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DDA6201, Spring 2024

Time: 01/08/2024-05/10/2024

Instructor: Tongxin Li

Course Schedule: Tue & Thu 4:00PM - 5:20PM

Venue: Teaching C Bldg 311

Course Information

Table of contents

  1. DDA6201, Spring 2024
    1. Venue: Teaching C Bldg 311
    2. Course Description
    3. Grading Scheme (DDA4210)
    4. General Course Policies:

Course Description

This course introduces advanced theory and applications of online algorithms. Topics include introduction to online algorithms; classical online problems; regret and competitive ratio; multi-armed bandit problems; online convex optimization; follow-the-regularized-leader and applications; no-regret dynamics in games; online algorithms with predictions. This course requires students to have advanced mathematical backgrounds in machine learning and algorithms.

Grading Scheme (DDA4210)

  • Assignments 45 %
  • Project Presentation: 35%
  • Project Proposal 15 %
  • Scribe Notes 5 %

General Course Policies:

Academic Integrity: Academic dishonesty may result in a failing grade (i.e. F). Every student is expected to review and abide by the Academic Integrity Policy of CUHK-Shenzhen. Ignorance will not be allowed as an excuse for any academic dishonesty. Do not hesitate to ask me if you are ever in doubt about what constitutes plagiarism, cheating, or any other breach of academic integrity.