RECRUITMENT ANNOUNCEMENT: I am actively looking for PhD students, research assistants, and postdoctoral researchers who are interested in contributing to the emerging domains of

  • Trustworthy machine learning (可信机器学习)

  • AI for sustanability (AI与可持续发展技术)

  • Clean energy systems (低碳与清洁能源系统)

  • Learning-based control and online learning (机器学习控制与在线学习)

Several positions for fully-funded postdocs/graduate students/undergraduate interns focusing on the study of machine learning, power systems, control, and optimization are available. Feel free to send me an email with your CV attached. Other formats of local and remote collaboration are also welcomed.

中文: 项目组有数个职位空缺,以国际水平的薪资诚招有机器学习,电力系统,控制相关背景的博士,研究生,科研助理,以及博士后,并提供后续丰富的与国际同行的交流机会。如有兴趣请将CV发送至邮箱。同时欢迎各种形式的访问与合作。